Griffin Davis Interview

February 8, 2010

For those who want to know more about the Web series “Townies” Cal Poly’s official film club was working on last quarter, here’s a transcript of the interview I did with him. Griffin Davis is the president of the film club, and many of the club’s projects originate from him. I am looking forward to their future projects, which I have not revealed in this transcript, to preserve some element of surprise.


Q: How many of you were involved in the shooting?

A: It was a lot of volunteers. Everybody working was pretty much volunteering. So there is Carl Richetti, who’s the director, and there was Ryan Johnson who’s the director of photography, then there were probably six or seven people on the film crew, we had a couple make-up artists, we had, like, seven or eight actors, we had tons of extras for different days. One day we had like 15 old women as extras, an angry mob of old women. We have just tons and tons of extras.

Q: How did you get those people? Did you post an ad?

A: Carl made a Facebook page, and had people just ad it through Facebook, and he’s got a lot of friends, who’s got friends, who’s got friends. So he just pretty much called them on a favor and was like: “Hey come help out on my film shoot. It’ll be fun!” you know. “Free food and you get to be in my show.” Everybody was super excited.

Q: Why did he come to your club for help to make this web series?

A: Well, technically he didn’t. I work at Pizza Solo, kinda like my side job for money, and Carl walked in one day over last summer, and was like “Hey, I’m looking for food donations. I’ve got the project that I’m doing, and maybe if we could get some food, we could advertise your shop.” I was luckily working at the time, and I was like, “Wait, you’re going to be making a Web series? Can I help? I’ve got a film club,” and I showed him my film club, and we got in touch, and eventually he called. It was like, “Yeah, yeah, come help out on the film set.”

Q: What was the role of the film club in the shooting?

A: The “Townies” production was just another project. So I was like, “Hey, everybody in the film club, I’m gonna be doing this, every week, every Sunday. If you guys wanna come out and help, you’re more than welcome.” And I actually got a lot of responses. The only problem though, was really the hours. Most Sundays, we filmed at Cowboy Cookies. That’s where the main character works. So it revolves around that store. On Sundays, Cowboy Cookies was open from 11:00 to 5:00, so we would wake up, call time would be 6:00 in the morning, we’d go there, set up, set up our lights, set up everything to try and make it look like day even though it was still dark outside, and then we would just start filming. Shooting and shooting and getting as much done as possible before they opened. We even needed to shoot after they were open, and sometimes we stayed until noon. And people would be like “are they open?” and we’d be like “yeah! Just hold on one sec, we need to take this shot!” I guess Carl knows the owner pretty well, and plus it’s free advertising for Cowboy Cookies, so I guess it kinda worked out for everybody. We tried to clear out by noon so that they could run their store, and at 5:00 they’d close and take off, and we’d come back in, and shoot until 2:00 or 3:00 in the morning until we had everything shot.

Q: Doing that for four months must have been really tiring.

A: It was on Sundays so it wasn’t too bad. I actually wasn’t that busy last quarter, so it worked quite well. Gillette actually gave me internship credit for it, so I got class credit for doing it, which was cool. I mean, I would’ve done it anyway. So, yeah, it was really tiring, but we also became good friends. Everybody on the set, we all became good friends. I mean, you work a lot of time with somebody, working on something, you see them at their best when they’re energetic, when they work. You see them at their worst, when they’re tired, just wanna go home, but you just need to get this shot. But what made this easy was that Carl was always really energetic, he was always very happy, very nice. Like you know, I really wanted to help him out, you know. I think the script is really good, and I think his direction and how he directed it was fantastic, and I think the end result is gonna be really amazing. I can’t wait for season two (laugh)

Townies Official site

Townies Facebook Page

Cal Poly’s Club of Independent Filmmakers


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  1. I saw the trailer for Townies, and I want to see it 🙂

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